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Strategy & Discovery

Minimize Risk. Maximize ROI. Then Execute.

The initial 20% percent of any web project is arguably the most important.

During discovery, we collaborate with you and your clients to figure out what should be built and craft a plan for how we'll build it. Considering business goals, budget, and timeline, experts from each discipline facilitate activities designed to surface insights, align goals, and check assumptions.

The result of Discovery is a solid plan tailored to the specific needs of the project. It will guide decision-making and ensure effective, efficient, and successful designs and builds.

Questions commonly answered by our proven Discovery process:

  • What CMS should I choose and why?
  • Should I redesign and rebuild or are progressive enhancements better?
  • How can I best leverage my internal resources?
  • What contemporary trends should be embraced?
  • Are complex requested features really worth the investment?
  • What user actions are the most meaningful?
  • How do we measure success?
  • What are the challenges the project might face?
  • Is a decoupled approach a good fit?
  • What is the right technical stack?
  • What are the best options for migrating or reorganizing content?
  • How long should this take?
  • What features and functionality are truly needed?
  • What APIs can we leverage?
  • How much testing should I plan for?
  • What is the long-term cost of ownership?

Possible Activities of Discovery

  • Facilitated kickoff meeting(s)
  • Business Requirements Composition & Refinement (BRD)
  • Goal & objective workshops
  • Curation and review of existing assets, materials, and general organizational knowledge
  • Stakeholder mapping and interviews
  • Competitive Analysis & Market Research
  • Definition of project deliverables
  • Features and functional definition
  • Target audience/user analysis
  • Technical audit (desired third party integrations/API mapping)
  • Technical infrastructure definition​
  • Analytics review
  • Performance Benchmarking and Audit
  • Accessibility Review
  • Architecture planning
  • Property Audits: UX/UI, Branding, and Content
  • Stakeholder Interviews/Surveys
  • User Flow & Analytics Analysis and Strategy
  • UX & Content Strategy Ideation
  • Progressive Enhancement Roadmapping
  • User Persona Development
  • User (Audience) Interviews/Surveys
  • Component inventories

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