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Adam Zimmermann

Adam got his start in web development by coding his own MySpace layouts back when it was cool. Shortly thereafter he began building his own websites, and then joined Chromatic 2012.

When he is building web solutions, Adam is a strong believer in avoiding custom code and leveraging community solutions whenever possible, but also loves clean organized code that succinctly explains and solves business needs.

Adam has built and architected Drupal projects of all shapes and sizes. His experience includes creating publishing platforms for high traffic sites such as Better Homes & Gardens, launching an early adopter decoupled site, and architecting code sharing for a multi-site platform. Adam also has extensive experience performing complex migrations involving legacy system support and in-depth data modeling and entity access control work.

One of Adam’s favorite projects involved creating a Drupal-powered recruiting application with dozens of custom data models, complex state and access control driven behaviors, and intensive activity logging/reporting requirements.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys woodworking, anything with water and sunshine, and trying to be a sports fan.


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