Guiding Principles

At Chromatic, migrations aren’t a necessary evil—they're a great opportunity to improve a website’s performance and functionality. Executed properly, they can even be the impetus for change that provides long-term benefits that your clients might otherwise miss out on—like improved content, better data structures, and elimination of issues they never knew they had.

  • Automated Programmatic Migrations
  • Data Modeling & Restructuring
  • Performance Improvements
  • Redirect Strategies & SEO
  • Content Sanitization

Relevant project

A massive migration with a performance boost to boot.

Since 1898, the American Hospital Association (AHA) has led, represented, and served hospitals, health care services, and similar providers in their efforts to provide fair, quality care to their communities. With nearly 5,000 hospitals, 43,000 individual members, and more than a dozen digital properties, the AHA needed an enterprise-grade web experience that was easy to use, manage, and maintain. The solution? An Enterprise Drupal Platform.

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