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Kristofer Widholm

Kristofer got his start working with the "World Wide Web" in 1995, creating static HTML 1.0 files for the Mosaic browser in support of the public information office he was working for at the time. After a while, he began to manage the company's web server, and picked up further knowledge as first JavaScript and then CSS were developed. He then moved into CGI programming with perl and then picked up PHP, building several enterprise content management systems by hand before discovering Drupal, and never again having to re-write a user authentication system from scratch.

He has worked with enormous content and infrastructure migration projects for MTV, VH1, Logo Online, Martha Stewart and Theatermania, and has worked for CBS, Businessweek, Marketwatch and others, usually with an eye towards content management, application architecture, and data.

Besides skills in PHP and Drupal, Kristofer has worked with Wordpress, node.js services, graphql, and Java (Dynamo/JSP). He has engineered, maintained and designed both on-premises monolithic server stacks as well as micro-service based cloud infrastructures.

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