Guiding Principles

We believe site reliability is built on transparency.

Transparency within our team—our peer-reviewed code accounts for every infrastructure change. Transparency with you—we flag and explain every change we make.

We’ve integrated that same transparency into our DevOps experience. Distributed authentication and access ensures no one user controls the delivery pipeline, automated tests reduce the risk of bugs in new code, and automated security updates equip our team to respond in near real-time.

  • Configuration-Managed Infrastructure
  • Automated Deployment & Testing
  • Issue-tracked Peer-Review & Documentation
  • Uptime & Performance Monitoring
  • Error Logging
  • Timely Security Updates

Relevant Project

“Chromatic has been an outstanding partner for us over the years. They truly are an extension of our team. Not only do they produce outstanding work, they work with us to help us solve our clients’ unique challenges.

The oldest privately-held employee benefits and HR consulting firm in the United States — and one of the largest woman-owned firms in the Bay Area — Segal Benz provides unbiased HR advice to propel organizations forward. Segal Benz's well of history and expertise attracts customers from Fortune 500 enterprises and non-profit organizations to federal agencies — each with unique communication needs and brand expectations.

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