Perspectives from the experts at Chromatic

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Better, Faster, More Inclusive: How Designing with Accessibility from the Start Can Make Your Brand’s Digital Experience Stand Out to All Users

Accessibility and performance are often afterthoughts for designers. Learn how to test your website in the design process to avoid challenges in development.

We're Officially a Great Place to Work

It’s official! Thanks to our people, we’re proud to have earned Great Place to Work® Certification™.

Website Migration Guide: Nail the Strategy, Avoid Roadblocks, and Enjoy Long-Term Benefits

Learn how to develop a website migration strategy to overcome common replatforming challenges and reap the benefits of improved site performance.

A Guide for Avoiding Website and App Deployment Problems

Having a clear process is the key to avoiding website downtime and buggy application launches. Read this guide to website and app deployment best practices.

Leverage Repeatability to Build and Maintain Websites Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Your agency can leverage repeatability to make website development efficient and profitable while allowing time for innovative custom features. Learn how.

Docker on MacOS? Not so fast.

This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of using Docker and Lando for local development on MacOS machines in comparison to a native LAMP stack set-up. It raises questions, looks into common development scenarios and needs, and provides a personal recommendation for a sustainable and speedy solution.

The Summer Friday Experiment

I am excited to share that starting in May, Chromatic will begin offering a new “experimental” benefit for our team: “Summer Fridays.