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Dan Arbello

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Dan has been designing for advertising and development agencies for fifteen years, specializing in data-first and usability-first design, no matter the medium. With an established background not only in print and branding but also digital — he has helped his teams acquire several awards through the years, including STEP Design twice, AIGA 365 twice, Communication Arts, and several W3C medals — Dan cannot help but see the designed experienced all around him, as well as how to further optimize it.

Though he is a firm believer in David Rudnick’s “always audience first” approach to design, he does so with the conscious veiling of the brand’s aesthetic and tone; which has been naturally honed via his time at advertising agencies and a fine arts education rooted in the study of aesthetic theory and problem-solving.

Despite this design-focused background, Dan has always written code and goes so far as to profess there is no divide between the concept and the tool (they are one and the same). Therefore, his designs always consider the code, and his code always considers the design.

Dan represents Chromatic ably by always striving to not only do good work but do so with inclusivity, accessibility, and responsiveness in mind.


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