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Segal Benz

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The oldest privately-held employee benefits and HR consulting firm in the United States — and one of the largest woman-owned firms in the Bay Area — Segal Benz provides unbiased HR advice to propel organizations forward. Segal Benz's well of history and expertise attracts customers from Fortune 500 enterprises and non-profit organizations to federal agencies — each with unique communication needs and brand expectations.


The Challenge

Segal Benz thrives as a provider of internal HR employee benefit communications. Part of that offering includes a dedicated HR site where team members can review their benefits, policies, and more. Though most of these sites share similar functions, they all require specific customizations to meet each organization's needs and brand standards. That differentiation required a resource-heavy and redundant process to build each new customer page from the ground up during every site build.

The Solution

To streamline that process, our team built a repeatable platform solution that would make customizing each client site a simple process. This platform unified the Segal Benz codebase, eliminating the necessity for a complete rebuild and creating an easy-to-navigate, scalable solution for onboarding new clients. Over time, we made new site builds more efficient with custom automation, internal command-line tools, linting of all stripes, configuration validation, static analysis, tests that leverage Node.js for integration tests, GitHub Actions, and Tugboat for live environment testing.

The Results

Segal Benz's new unified approach has reduced build time and costs, improved the organization's overall security, and decreased ongoing maintenance needs. This new platform also provides Segal Benz with the means to share features and functionality across customers—if Company A needs a particular functionality, every client on the platform can benefit from the new offering. The combination of flexible tools and a more efficient platform has opened Segal Benz's offerings to a new market of customers. Now, they offer a "light" variant of their traditional HR sites — a low customization, plug-and-play offering — for clients with fewer needs or resources.

Results at a glance

Build times↓
dramatically decreased site build times and overall cost
ongoing maintenance needs
Increased market↑
transformed the Segal Benz product offering to reach a new target market

“Chromatic has been an outstanding partner for us over the years. They truly are an extension of our team. Not only do they produce outstanding work, they work with us to help us solve our clients’ unique challenges.”

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