Introducing the Orange Logic Digital Asset Management PHP Library and Drupal Module

Our team at Chromatic is excited to announce the release of an open-source Drupal module and PHP Library to facilitate integrating Orange Logic’s digital asset manager Orange DAM with Drupal.

You can now use Drupal to display the centralized and canonical data from your Orange DAM using native Drupal concepts.

The module and PHP library offer a robust yet customizable framework that provides a foundation for the integration. Together they supply the generic tooling and API integration required for any Orange DAM integration, while also providing enough flexibility for developers to customize their Orange Logic field usage and field mapping.

It works by querying the Orange DAM API for changed content, queues the changed items it finds, prepares the updated data for migrations, allows the user to map fields in custom migrations, and provides means for managing these processes via Drupal cron or custom Drush commands.

The module will greatly reduce the effort for any Orange DAM integration with Drupal, but it doesn’t do everything for you. This is by design, as we tried to build an un-opinionated solution. It seeks to give you the tools to perform the work that will be needed to create a data model in Drupal, manage and run the migrations that map your data, and customize your integration with the events this module offers.

The module offers the ability to:

  • Interact with the Orange Logic API via the Orange DAM PHP library and Symfony services it provides.
  • Update a single item by system identifier.
  • Update all content of a given type.
  • Update all known content.
  • Update all content changed since the last check for changes.
  • Update all content that changed since a given time.
  • Update all keywords.
  • Update keywords changed since the last check for changes.
  • Update keywords changed since a given time.
  • Update all keywords of a given tag type.
  • Control the content types retrieved.
  • Control the keyword types retrieved.
  • List all available API fields.
  • Retrieve asset URLs for a given asset format by record ID.
  • Process content deletions.
  • Process keyword deletions.
  • Display recently migrated content using time and ID-based filters.
  • Display queue status summary.
  • Handle Orange Logic content type changes via duplicate item detection in Drupal.
  • Use custom migration process plugins.
  • Use a fully customized/agnostic approach to data mapping via the Migrate module.
  • Customize functionality via Events.

We are excited about the possibilities this will unlock for Drupal as it adapts to being part of a larger ecosystem that shares data and is increasingly connected. Additionally, the PHP Library offers the ability to abstract the integration beyond Drupal when the need arises.

The Orange DAM module is currently in pre-release and under active development as we push towards a full 1.0 release. Contributions and feedback are welcome as we strive to improve it.

If you have plans to integrate Orange Logic DAM or another digital asset management tool with your website, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to share what we’ve learned and help you integrate Drupal with your DAM!