Case Study


Remediated technical debt for a digital identity security company with over 1,700 clients spanning across America, Europe and Australia.

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Project Breakdown

The Challenge

For more than five years, various internal and external developers added their mark to the Imprivata experience. The resulting technical debt combined HTML and WYSIWYG to create a web of low-performing code that was barely manageable by anyone except a few select developers. Tweak one thing here, and something else breaks over there. As part of its rebrand, Imprivata hoped to better serve its global customer base through a series of new international sites—sites that couldn’t afford to carry over the company’s domestic technical debt.

The Solution

Together with Imprivata’s internal team, we created a platform roadmap and follow-up strategy that positioned the IT experts for long term success while empowering its editorial team to make any on-demand adjustments. With that shared vision in place, we then used Pattern Lab and Drupal’s Layout Builder to translate those previously hard-coded pages into more modular builds.

The Results

These Lego-like pieces created a better-optimized system to support a more efficient editorial process. Instead of dedicating hours to minor changes, Imprivata editors can simply drag and drop basic components and rapidly prototype rich content.

Results at a glance

reduced editorial complexity
consulting to ensure seamless design/development handoff
a single codebase across international sites

“The real benefits here include the fidelity of what we can do and how quickly we can update our website with our own resources, compared to having to go ‘outside’ for most of the work in the past.”

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