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Dave Look

Dave is a creative problem solver and a natural leader. As a lifelong learner and teacher, he is constantly trying new things and acquiring new skills, striving to live up to the “Be Prepared” motto he learned while becoming an Eagle Scout. He graduated from Bradley University with a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Leadership, Theology, and Society from Regent College.

In the ten years, Dave has been part of the Chromatic team, he has worn many hats from developer to product owner to project manager and beyond. Today he serves as Chromatic’s Chief Operating Officer overseeing finances, legal, and operations. In this role, he has worked to ensure the financial health and stability of Chromatic through diligent monitoring of spending and profitability, as well as risk mitigation. All of which have helped contribute to the 1000% revenue growth Chromatic has realized in the last ten years.

Dave has written and spoken on the topics of leadership and operating distributed companies. He loves telling stories and visual communications. Outside of work, Dave and his wife live in Chicago with their dog Chunk, he serves at his church, and enjoys being outdoors in any capacity.


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