Distributed Teams

Quick Win: Zoom Mute Status in the MacOS Menubar

A quick win for your Friday afternoon. Dave leveraged a couple of open source projects to add a mute status to his menu bar.

Listening Is The Action Item

Oftentimes we hear people’s problems and want to do something to fix it and relieve that person of their burden. However, I have had to learn that sometimes all a person needs is to talk an issue out.

'Best of' distributed teams

Here are some of our top distributed team articles containing extremely useful information for working as part of a remote team or with remote clients.

Human Connections in a Distributed World

Human connections in a distributed world prove more important than ever. Here's how Chromatic bridges the gap.

Zoom Etiquette – Tips & Tricks

New to remote working? Here are some tips to make your Zoom calls the best they can be.

7 Tips for Working Remotely without High-Speed Internet

As a long-time remote employee, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t disrupted my daily life as it has for many others. Several years ago I moved from the city to a rural community with no access to high-speed internet. I needed to adapt quickly to my new reality and find a reasonable solution for my work and family needs.

Is working remotely right for you?

We pooled together some of our thoughts on what makes for a good distributed worker, advice on how to manage working from home day after day, and the upsides as well as the challenges of working for a distributed company.

Cutting the Cord

Difficulty disconnecting as a remote employee. I took a vacation and realized how difficult it was for me to stop thinking about work. This post is for anyone who works remotely and knows the feeling of always feeling tethered.

Trapped in a Room with Your Teammates

Participating in an escape room challenge as a team building exercise.

Women in Our Workplace – Why Chromatic?

We asked each woman in the company, including myself, a handful of questions about searching for jobs: what made them pick Chromatic, what Chromatic does well, and where we could improve, along with some more general questions about our job-searching experiences.