'Best of' distributed teams

Here are some of our top distributed team articles containing extremely useful information for working as part of a remote team or with remote clients.

Maybe you are new to working remotely or perhaps you are considering a switch to full time work. Whatever the reason, is working remotely right for you? contains many suggestions, questions to ask yourself and real life examples of how remote work really proceeds on a day to day basis… is it right for you too?

Whether we like it or not, video calls through Zoom or other services have become an essential tool for getting work done during recent times. Whether you have more hours logged on Zoom than you care to admit to, or are just getting started with your first video conferencing based meetings, Zoom Etiquette – Tips & Tricks will provide some essential advice for making video calls more natural and more enjoyable.

Having high speed internet with unlimited data certainly helps when it comes to working remotely full time but can it be done effectively on a speed or bandwidth restricted connection?

7 Tips for Working Remotely without High-Speed Internet Provides some great tips for how to manage with less than ideal speed or bandwidth availability.

It is definitely possible to effectively work from home, but for most people, doing so involves some planning and discipline. In this post we find out some of the most commonly asked questions about working from home along with some great guidelines for how to manage the challenges and set yourself up for success.

In a distributed world it’s sometimes hard to find that human touch; but it’s not impossible! Read about the ways Chromatic weaves the physical world into the virtual one in Human Connections in a Distributed World.

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