Creating a More Empowered Team with a Design System Tied To Drupal 8

Years of technical debt and a lack of documentation left Imprivata with limited ability to make updates to their site. They were overly reliant on outside development partners to make what should otherwise be simple updates. Pair that with a brand refresh and a deprecating Drupal 7 codebase, Imprivata sought out Chromatic to give new life to with a full redesign and rebuild from the ground up.

Chromatic collaborated with the team at Imprivata to define a road map and strategy to ensure the new would set them up for long term success and empower their editorial team.

The Challenge

Numerous developers had each added their own touch over the previous 5+ years creating a mountain of technical debt. The result was a mixture of bloated pages that were built with HTML and WYSIWYGs, none utilizing standard Drupal features, with many plagued by low performance. At the time of the redesign and rebuild, there were only a handful of people that knew how to successfully add content to the site without negative implications.

A series of International sites also needed to follow suit each hoping to leverage the efforts put forth on the main site.

The Solution

Chromatic used Pattern Lab and Drupal’s Layout Builder to allow the flexible recreation of previously hard-coded pages into dynamic, Lego-like page builds. What once meant hundreds of hours coding in the browser now allows for a dramatically more intuitive content generation and editing experience for all Imprivata users. Instead of heavy reliance on developers, now editors can independently use common features like drag and drop of reusable components and rapid prototyping of rich content.

Screenshot of the home page.
Screenshot of the Customer Success page.
Screenshot of an webpage, showcasing a hero image and some copy

Chromatic’s developers scripted migrations to port content from the old site into an optimized system that consolidated content types to support a simple, more efficient editorial experience. Along with a powerful new media library, the Imprivata team is now able to make quick updates and avoid redundancies that once plagued the editorial process.

In addition to development, our team also substantially supported Imprivata’s design and content strategy team by consulting on UX/UI designs and guiding creative from ideation to development handoff.

The real benefits here include the fidelity of what we can do and how quickly we can update our web site with our own resources, compared to having to go “outside” for most of the work in the past.

Ongoing Partnership

Now Imprivata’s internal web team has the freedom to focus their efforts more on content development. Chromatic has the pleasure of iterating alongside the Imprivata team providing ongoing design and development support under retainer.

Chromatic crafted the new site as a true platform, which will allow the International sites to migrate seamlessly once they complete their editorial review processes. Each can leverage the primary codebase and configuration while maintaining its own unique content database.

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