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Lina Calin

As Head of Project Management, Lina applies her passion for psychology, empathy, and the human side of project management to drive her success as on projects.

Whether leading design projects, custom application projects, or content management system website builds, Lina believes that empowering her teams with effective workflow processes and communicating with honesty and compassion help direct project success that lasts well beyond project launch. She loves to embarrass her teams with exuberant affirmation and is firmly in the camp of "Uses Too Many Exclamation Points."

Outside of work, Lina loves to explore everything culinary! She loves finding new recipes to cook at home or for her community, enjoys bourbon and red wine, and spends as much time as she can in Charlotte’s burgeoning restaurant scene.

She also loves spending sunny days exploring Charlotte’s local parks, dabbling in home crafts, rewatching the Marvel movies for the millionth time, and snuggling with her spoiled kitten, Ava.


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