Best Practices

A Guide for Avoiding Website and App Deployment Problems

Having a clear process is the key to avoiding website downtime and buggy application launches. Read this guide to website and app deployment best practices.

Common security vulnerabilities – how to prevent them

Web security depends on following boring ole’ best practices, like keeping your software up-to-date. This makes it fairly dull, unlike Hollywood portrayals of IT security. However, if disaster strikes, you need a plan in place to fix things, fast.

Managing Drupal Configuration with Automated Checks

Managing Drupal configuration and keeping it in sync requires attention to detail and process. Automation can add to the problem, but also solve it.

Implement 2FA Now

With security breaches proliferating in recent years, it’s more important than ever to protect your users and applications by implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which was developed to protect accounts and devices by adding security verification to the login process.

The Hidden Costs of Building a Website

There is more to the total cost than the initial price.

Sharing Github Issue & Pull Request Templates

Github has a hidden trick that allows for sharing PR & issue templates.

How to Delight Clients in a Digital Project Manager Role

When I first started working at a digital marketing agency and wanted to refine my project management skills, I found marginally helpful articles that outlined the basics of technical project management; certifications in Agile, Waterfall, Scrum and/or PMP all seemed necessary for success in that role.

Chromatic's Development & QA Process

A detailed rundown of our development, review, and QA processes.

The Cost of Slow

Everyone knows that “make users wait” has no place in your website strategy… right?

Gulp Is a Power Tool; Wield It With Care

The way we often use Gulp can make our projects brittle and add friction that complicates contribution and on-boarding. Thankfully, this is an avoidable problem with a rock-solid solution that requires minimal effort.