Headed to JSConf US 2019

We’re going going, back back to Cali.

JSConf is less than a week away and a solid contingent of Chromaticians will be headed to sunny California to soak up some of the exciting ways JavaScript is taking shape in the browser and beyond. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to:


As JavaScript has permeated a larger portion of the stack, I am eager to hear the discussion about all the different parts of the ecosystem that JavaScript is now touching. Alexandra Sunderland’s talk, Bringing Back Dial-Up: The Internet Over SMS looks particularly interesting, and Daniel Cousineau discussing every developer's favorite topic, time zones (Time Is A Social Construct), should make for an interesting event. As always with events like these, I am most looking forward to meeting new friends who are as passionate about their work as we are at Chromatic.


Accessibility is something we all need to care about in tech – as such, I’m stoked to hear Theodore Vorillas discuss Accessibility In Real Life. I’m also intrigued by the intersection of technology and art, so Creating Beautiful LED Art with JavaScript has piqued my interest. I’m excited to see what JSConf is all about!


Being able to go to a conference with a ton of people who are just as excited about JavaScript as I am will be a blast. I’m looking forward to learning how to make music with JavaScript in the Composing Music with Composed Functions talk and to hear discussions about trans allyship in Trans Eye for the Cis Ally: Ensuring an Inclusive Community.


Very excited to learn more about native apps in Native Web Apps: React, JavaScript and WebAssembly to Rewrite Native Apps and about building better more inclusive products with Empathy is not enough - the power of engaging hard-to-reach users.


I’m excited to attend my first JavaScript-focused conference! It’ll be interesting to spend a few days geeking out and learning about one of my favorite everyday tools. I kind of want to go to all the things, but accessibility- and progressive enhancement-specific talks intrigue me the most. In particular, A11Y IRL (Accessibility in real life), ¿Dónde Está La Bibliotech?, JavaScript: Off the Grid, and Bringing Back Dial-up: The Internet Over SMS. That said, I’d be lying if I told you I’m not super stoked about the Stand-up Paddle Board Lessons.