Docker on MacOS? Not so fast.

This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of using Docker and Lando for local development on MacOS machines in comparison to a native LAMP stack set-up. It raises questions, looks into common development scenarios and needs, and provides a personal recommendation for a sustainable and speedy solution.

Quick Win: Zoom Mute Status in the MacOS Menubar

A quick win for your Friday afternoon. Dave leveraged a couple of open source projects to add a mute status to his menu bar.

Intro to PHPStorm Live Templates

In this blog post you will learn the basics of live templates in PHPStorm and keyboard shortcuts to avoid repetitive typing while coding.

Sharing Github Issue & Pull Request Templates

Github has a hidden trick that allows for sharing PR & issue templates.

Chromatic's Development & QA Process

A detailed rundown of our development, review, and QA processes.

Script Management with Composer

Composer already manages our PHP dependencies, so why not let it manage our utility scripts too?

Practical Atom Hacks

How hackable is the "hackable text editor for the 21st Century?"

Quick Xdebug Troubleshooting

A few simple things to try if you're having issues getting Xdebug to work with your IDE.

Saying Goodbye to Travis CI

Chromatic has used Travis CI for nearly five years for our continuous integration needs; building every pull request, checking our changes against code standards, running automated tests, etc. On March 12, 2019, we canceled our Travis subscription and began running our builds elsewhere. Why make a change now? It’s simple, really.