Also sometimes called a “headless” approach to content management, a decoupled approach eliminates many of the technical limitations and idiosyncrasies inherent to having both your public site and its content management served by a single application. While this allows for some freedoms and opportunities to leverage a wide variety of different technologies and sources, it can introduce complexity and, in many cases, elevate risk if not approached carefully.

Figuring out if a decoupled architecture is the right decision takes a nuanced understanding of your goals, resources, and requirements. Our team knows what questions to ask to prescribe the right approach. 

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Is a Decoupled Website Structure Right for Your Client’s Needs? The Answer Is Complicated.

A decoupled website architecture gives your clients access to a high-performance machine to serve their business. But will that machine wind up being more trouble than it's worth? Learn the deciding factors that play a big role in securing an organization’s digital future.

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Sharing content across multiple sites with a publishing platform offers tremendous opportunities, but it isn’t always easy. Understanding the editorial and technical hurdles is key to creating a solution that works well and addresses the business needs.

Headless Architecture with the Meredith Multi-Tenant Platform

Presented at Decoupled Drupal Days 2018 in New York City, this session analyzes how Chromatic and Meredith Corporation evaluated the benefits of decoupled architecture for Meredith’s brand portfolio.

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jsonmonger is an abstraction layer between your JavaScript application and a json:api-compliant server. It’s designed to simplify your interactions with json:api so that you can focus on business logic, not API transactions.

Decoupled Drupal – What You Need to Consider

“Decoupled Drupal” sounds cool and just about everyone else seems to be either doing it or talking about it, so it must be the best solution for you, right? Well, maybe. As with most things, the answer is more nuanced than one might think.

Announcing a New Decoupled Drupal Project: provides expert advice about teens, family, food, style and home life, from the editors of Family Circle Magazine. When the time came to design and deploy a headless Drupal/Node.js platform, Meredith Corporation called on Chromatic’s expertise to help lead the way.