Drupal 7 End-of-Life

Options and Resources to Navigate D7 End-of-Life

Roadmap Your Drupal 7 Transition

We’re offering free 45 minute working sessions to help you assess your organizations level of risk, roadmap your transition plan, and identify viable options!

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When and How to Transition

Options to Upgrade Your Drupal 7 Website

Support for Drupal 7 now has its days numbered. If you’re responsible for a D7 site, then you’re faced with the challenge of upgrading or migrating before the end-of-life deadline, January 5, 2025. We’ve compiled resources to provide you with expert guidance and practical tips on upgrading or migrating to modern Drupal or a different platform.

You don’t have to sort out your options alone. We’ll help you assess your organization’s risks and options for navigating D7 for free!

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Gauging Your Organization’s Risk

We’ve developed this quick 9-question checklist and scorecard you can use to evaluate each of your D7 properties and begin understanding your level of risk remaining on D7 post-end-of-life.

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Cover of the Risk Assessment Guide

Watch the Risks You Face Staying on Drupal 7 Webinar

What options are available if you must remain on D7 after end-of-life? What plans and options should you consider for moving off D7? How do you gauge your organization’s level of risk when remaining on D7? These are just some questions our President, Chris Free and CTO, Mark Dorison discuss in this D7 end-of-life webinar.

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Chris Free
Mark Dorison

We invite you to take advantage of our complimentary 45-minute working sessions designed to assist you in evaluating your organization's risk level, mapping out a smooth transition plan, and exploring viable options.