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BoatTEST is a leading publisher providing comprehensive reviews of the top boats to hit the water. They came to Chromatic with a very dated, custom-built site developed in .Net and a bloated site built in Drupal 7 that never got off the trailer with a previous partner.

A Fresh Start

An audit of the partial work done on the D7 site revealed numerous security concerns and a lack of development standards that permeated the codebase. Salvaging the codebase would have meant investing more resources than would be needed to start over.

With that decided, it broadened our options to consider best practices across the board and do things the RIGHT way.

Setting a New Design Course

Doing things the right way meant many things. For the team at BoatTEST, it meant stepping back mid-discovery and reversing prior design decisions. Our partners at Southleft took those previous designs and applied best practices in UX, accessibility, and performance. They crafted a design library using Pattern Lab and worked alongside Chromatic to implement the theme on Drupal 8.

Custom Development

Chromatic rebuilt the site from scratch using the highest standards in security and performance and architected to minimize maintenance needs over time. Chromatic restructured the scattered data into a meaningful structure that enabled both the BoatTEST team and users of the site to easily find and manage information. A custom reporting engine was developed that provides BoatTEST with visibility and insight regarding the usage of the new site. Future development of the BoatTEST platform now can be built on a significantly more stable foundation. The site seamlessly integrates with third-party lead management and newsletter solutions.

Custom written scripts overcame a challenging content migration taking what was formerly structured entirely as blocks of WYSIWYG text and transformed boat and engine information into more useful and flexible fields and content types.

The Result

The new reduces average load time by 35%, positions content on the site to work harder, and enables users to more easily consume content, all while reducing maintenance and editorial efforts.

Their project management was out of this world, and there was very little scope creep, thanks to their intervention.

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