Perspectives from the experts at Chromatic

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Chromatic's Development & QA Process

A detailed rundown of our development, review, and QA processes.

7 Tips for Working Remotely without High-Speed Internet

As a long-time remote employee, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t disrupted my daily life as it has for many others. Several years ago I moved from the city to a rural community with no access to high-speed internet. I needed to adapt quickly to my new reality and find a reasonable solution for my work and family needs.

Patching info files with Composer

Understanding Composer's preferred install settings can be essential when applying module info file patches.

12 Tips for Working From Home – Signed a Fully Distributed Company

Chromatic has never had an office. You read that correctly, we’ve never had an office. We have been operating as a fully distributed team for over twelve years, and if I can humbly say, we’re pretty darn good at it.

The Cost of Slow

Everyone knows that “make users wait” has no place in your website strategy… right?

Script Management with Composer

Composer already manages our PHP dependencies, so why not let it manage our utility scripts too?

Practical Atom Hacks

How hackable is the "hackable text editor for the 21st Century?"

Chromatic is a Top B2B Company Worldwide

Thanks to reviews by our valued clients, Chromatic ranks best in class on Clutch.