Perspectives from the experts at Chromatic

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Limiting the Influence of Third-Party Code

Our guide to improving website performance when using third-party assets.

Hiring, and Being Hired in the Distributed Workspace

With remote work opportunities becoming more and more common, we see an increasing number of both remote jobs and applicants. What is the best way to look for talent, when you’re not limited by geographic boundaries? As an applicant, what should you expect from potential employers when looking for a remote job? Hero photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

A Strategic Approach to Custom Migrations

Clare, Asaph and Adam discuss some higher-level techniques for handling more complicated migration use cases in Drupal 8 in addition to methods for troubleshooting migrations. Hero photo by Julia Craice on Unsplash.

Have your cake and eat it too — run your agency, keep your sanity

Chris teaches digital agency owners how to regain control, to prioritize and delegate tasks, and to get out of the trenches so that you can get back to doing your job: running the company. Hero photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash.

Getting Started with Open Source

Larry and Matt share some tips on how to get started making open-source contributions on Hero photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash.

Common security vulnerabilities – how to prevent them

Web security depends on following boring ole’ best practices, like keeping your software up-to-date. This makes it fairly dull, unlike Hollywood portrayals of IT security. However, if disaster strikes, you need a plan in place to fix things, fast.

Use Custom Docker Images to Speed Up Tugboat Builds

One of Tugboat’s most compelling features is that it is fast, but that hasn’t stopped us from pursuing making it even faster. We wanted to turn our tugboat into a speedboat.

How to Delight Clients in a Digital Project Manager Role

When I first started working at a digital marketing agency and wanted to refine my project management skills, I found marginally helpful articles that outlined the basics of technical project management; certifications in Agile, Waterfall, Scrum and/or PMP all seemed necessary for success in that role.