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Sharing Robo Commands Across Repos

We have been using Robo as our task runner of choice on PHP projects for some time now. Over time our set of Robo commands has grown, and often they are quite similar across different projects causing us to duplicate code and then keep them in sync when changes are made to our commands.

Intro to PHPStorm Live Templates

In this blog post you will learn the basics of live templates in PHPStorm and keyboard shortcuts to avoid repetitive typing while coding.

Quick Win: Zoom Mute Status in the MacOS Menubar

A quick win for your Friday afternoon. Dave leveraged a couple of open source projects to add a mute status to his menu bar.

'Best of' distributed teams

Here are some of our top distributed team articles containing extremely useful information for working as part of a remote team or with remote clients.

GatsbyJS: The Easier React Framework

We’re not the first to take one of the most popular React frameworks for a spin around the block, but we are definitely glad we did. GatsbyJS comes packed with easy to use features and plugins.

5 Things Learned While Getting My Degree (While Working Full-Time)

Enough people have asked me how I went to school full-time while working full-time, that I thought I’d write up a few of my lessons learned.

Edit Once. Publish to Many. Smart Strategies for Content Sharing

Sharing content across multiple sites with a publishing platform offers tremendous opportunities, but it isn’t always easy. Understanding the editorial and technical hurdles is key to creating a solution that works well and addresses the business needs.

Listening Is The Action Item

Oftentimes we hear people’s problems and want to do something to fix it and relieve that person of their burden. However, I have had to learn that sometimes all a person needs is to talk an issue out.