Introducing the Template Diff Module

Comparing Drupal template overrides with their counterparts in the base theme doesn’t have to be hard.

Common Drupal Problems - Solutions Included

Whether you are a Drupal newcomer or a seasoned Drupal developer, you're bound to run into one, some, or all of the issues outlined below. Some are obvious, some not so obvious, but we'll show you how to troubleshoot them all regardless.

Drush SQL Sync Alternative: SQL Sync Pipe

Using Drush to sync databses (`drush sql-sync`) is a valuable tool, but it is not always an efficient choice when dealing with large databases (think over 1GB).

Import a database using Drush

I have been using the same command snippet to import a database using drush for a long time, but it recently broke when switching to an alternative shell. Below is an update to an old classic.

Be Promiscuous with Drush's core-quick-drupal

Spin up a fully-functional, disposable instance of Drupal in about a minute. Try out an unfamiliar contrib module without sullying your main dev environment or give back to the community by testing patches with minimal fuss.

Backup Your Drupal 8 Database to S3 with Drush & Jenkins

See how Chris leveraged Jenkins, Drush and `s3cmd` to create nightly database backups.

How To Manage Your Drupal Patches with 'Drush Patch File'

You find an issue on Drupal.org and if you are lucky, there is a viable patch. Hopefully this patch will one day make it into a release, but this won't slow you down. You apply the patch, it fixes the bug and all is well with the world ... for now.

How I Use TextExpander to Save Loads of Time

I've been using [TextExpander](http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html) for a while and I absolutely love it. If you aren't familiar, TextExpander allows you to create shortcuts to frequently used pieces of text. Its a tool that everyone can use, but programmers like me find it especially useful.