Announce Your Organization’s Statistics In Slack

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As longtime members of the Drupal community, Chromatic strives to contribute whenever we can. Some of those contributions are monetary, such as with the ongoing Drupal Cares campaign, but others involve activity directly on, including creating/testing patches, maintaining projects, and submitting case studies. For organizations that list themselves in the Drupal Marketplace, these statistics are all inputs into a formula whose output is your organization’s rank on the marketplace pages.

drupalorg-slack app screenshot

To make these numbers more visible to our team and use them as an additional motivation tool to spurn contributions, we created a Slack app (drupalorg-slack) that will pull these stats from’s API and announce them in Slack. It supports both sending notifications on-demand to users via a Slack “slash command” and on a regular schedule to a channel.

We have open-sourced the app and if you follow the instructions in the README, you can make use of it in your Slack workspace as well.