Case Study

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Project Breakdown

The Challenge

In Chromatic, the AAP found a partner experienced in Drupal and decoupled Drupal environments that could scale its services based on the non-profit’s available funding. When we went to diagnose the problem, we discovered an under-maintained, long-running codebase, largely siloed between the Drupal and Vue.js environments. What the AAP experienced as constant reliability or performance issues were actually two competing halves of its digital identity that were significantly out of rhythm.

The Solution

Our team immediately consolidated the competing codebases into a single GitHub repository and worked with our friends at to unify’s front and back-end platforms. With each portion of the experience operating in tandem, we then focused on updating necessary site elements and shoring up additional security measures for the future.

The Results

The new digital experience creates an environment where any developer can step in and immediately make changes or push updates without threatening performance or stability. While launching the new platform took time, detangling the previous codebases made future revisions and updates considerably easier to manage. also has the added benefit of an ongoing partner to support its growth. Because it’s funded by personal donations and federal grants, the AAP’s needs can quickly fluctuate. Whether they need a partner to just keep the lights on, or someone that can step in and execute complex functionality improvements across an decoupled environment, we are uniquely prepared to scale to the occasion.

Results at a glance

codebase for simplified maintenance/performance
updated site packages to resolve long-standing usability issues
provided reliable support for future development needs

Project Resources

The Tools

  • Node.js
  • Nuxt.js & Vue
  • PHP
  • Drupal

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