Vintage Tee Giveaway at DrupalCon New Orleans

We love creating things at Chromatic. Be it beautiful code, usable designs, or awesome Chromatic swag! To that end, we've created some limited edition vintage baseball tees for DrupalCon New Orleans! And we want to give you one for free!

Chromatic Vintage Baseball Tee

Shirts You'll Want to Wear

These aren't your normal, run of the mill, throw me into a drawer, conference tees. These are shirts you're going to love, made by our friends at RealThread.

  • Awesome vintage design – baseball/Drupal/Chromatic rolled into one
  • Printed on amazingly soft, American Apparel 50/50 poly cotton tees
  • Made with breathable water based inks (see the difference)
  • Custom Chromatic hem tags

Custom Chromatic Hem Tags

So, how can YOU get one at DrupalCon NOLA?

  1. Find a Chromatic team member (Chromite? Chromatician? Chromie?).
  2. Tell them you'd love a Chromatic Baseball Tee.
  3. Sign up for our Newsletter. We'll help with this part.
  4. Receive t-shirt!

Where can you find us?

  • We'll all be wearing the shirts, so we'll be easy to spot. Don't be shy! Come say "Hi"!
  • Gus' session on Render Arrays in Drupal 8
  • In or around our Birds of a Feather room
  • Business Summit / Media & Publishing Summit

Why are we doing this?

  1. We want to share our great Drupal articles with more people.
  2. We like making cool things that people actually love to wear.
  3. We want to get to know more of you.

There's only 100 of these shirts available so find us early!