Need a Better Way to Organize Your Features? Go Ask Alice.

The Features module plays a significant role in most Drupal projects. As a codebase grows in size, the organization of its custom features is crucial. The wrong approach can create a spiderweb of conflicts that wastes hours of precious development time. The right approach builds a well-organized, modular codebase that is much easier to maintain.

Features that are easy to maintain? It's true. They exist. Using Features doesn't have to be a nightmare. Learning how large projects use Features will benefit projects of any size and team members in just about any role. Implementing these best practices, tips, and tricks will leave you with more time to meditate but less need to do so!

This session will cover:

  • organizing features the right way and the benefits of doing so
  • common organization approaches to avoid at all costs
  • turning custom modules into features and using custom code in features
  • handy development and deployment environment feature ideas
  • general best practices and naming conventions