Case Study


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Project Breakdown

The Challenge

TheaterMania’s Gold Club ran on a dated platform that the company simply felt wasn't worth the effort to support. Instead, TheaterMania saw an opportunity to create a more compelling digital experience for its current and potential subscribers, as well as its internal customer service representatives.

The Solution

The new red-carpet experience required four key acts. First, we used Drupal Migrate to seamlessly move legacy users and transactional data to the new platform. Next, we worked with payment processor Recurly to improve integration and update the Drupal Recurly module. Then, we built an improved customer service dashboard that consolidates the necessary tools for each task on a representative's daily list. Finally, we scaled this new platform to support TheaterMania in the launch of a new club, London's What's on StageTheatre Club.

The Results

Together, seamless migration and integration with improved usability and scale supported a more complete and compelling user experience. At the same time, these improvements introduced the TheaterMania brand to new audiences, increased Gold Club subscriptions, and delivered more robust development tools for its internal crew.

Results at a glance

increased Gold Club subscription conversions
improved support for internal staff
reduced codebase regressions and operating costs

“They worked very well with our CEO and sales team and other parts of the business to make sure they were delivering something that would have the added strategic business value to it rather than looking at it as a technical project. That’s why I really like them: they’re smart, honest, and have great communication.”

Project Resources

The Tools

  • Node.js
  • Fractal.js
  • PHP
  • Drupal

The Team

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