YouTube Field 7.x-1.7 and 8.x-1.0-beta3 Released!

We're happy to announce two new releases for the YouTube Field module:

Improvements include:

Once again, it was a community effort. The module has now given credit attribution to 28 different people. A number of them have been the community member's first attributed commit! Not to mention, endless others have contributed in the issue queue. Thanks to their help, the module has now reached over 30,000 installs. That's enough to land in the top 200!

Why the "beta" label on the 8.x release?

The 7.x-1.x module includes Colorbox support, but that support has not yet been ported to the 8.x-1.x branch. We'd love help with that! We're planning on removing the "beta" label once that support is committed. The rest of the module is a direct port of 7.x-1.x and it already reports a healthy number of installs.

How else can I help?

Hop in the issue queue and have a look at the outstanding issues for either branch. As previously mentioned, any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

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