YouTube Field 7.x-1.6 Released!

Google recently decided to deprecate the YouTube Data API v2, which caused a nasty bug to appear in the YouTube Field module. I've been maintaining the module for a few years, but I was too busy enjoying the Los Angeles sun at DrupalCon to spot the bug myself.

The community came to my rescue. Just 3 days after reporting the issue, a community-supplied patch was reviewed and tested. 13 people helped with the issue in just over a week. The bug was squashed and the fix was committed. I then released the 7.x-1.6 version of the module. In addition to the fix, 7.x-1.6 also contains a couple of other fixes and a new feature.

The bug was also fixed in the 8.x-1.x branch. This branch also exists thanks to patches supplied in the issue queue. More help is always needed though, and it's a great way for someone to start learning more about Drupal 8 development. Please reach out if you'd like to pitch in.

Thanks again for everyone's help. See you in the issue queues!

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