Recurly for Drupal 8 – Dev Branch Posted

Recurly 8.x

We are excited to announce that after a great deal of team effort, we have pushed a dev branch of the Recurly module for Drupal 8 to The Recurly module provides a variety of great D8 examples including, dynamic routing, views integration, Twig theming, and custom access restrictions.

There is still a great deal of work and testing (especially testing!) to be done before we can cut a release, but I wanted to specifically thank all the members of our team that have pitched in and contributed in both big ways and small: Adam Zimmermann, Alanna Burke, Chris Free, Christopher Torgalson, Mӓrt Matsoo, and Tom Flanagan. Please check out the 8.x-1.x branch and join us in the issue queue so we can help get the module ready for an official release!

Recurly 7.x

We don't want the 7.x branch to get left behind, so work continues on the stable 7.x-1.x branch and the 7.x-2.x development branch (using RecurlyJS v3). Just today we closed a few issues and pushed up some minor fixes with 7.x-1.3.