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We find that there's still uncertainty out there around upgrading to Drupal 8. The natural answer in the Drupal community is, "Yes, of course go with Drupal 8!" but in the world of tight deadlines and tighter budgets, the answer isn't so clear. Enter, an interactive tool we built to help the community answer that very question.

We aren't yet recommending Drupal 8 to every one of our clients since there's simply too many variables from project to project to do so. aims to help users understand whether their project is a good fit for Drupal 8 by analyzing some of those variables. So take a spin through our 10 question survey and find out whether Drupal 8 is the best choice for your next project. You'll have your answer in less than a minute.

And if you're curious, of course we built it on Drupal 8!

Update 11/15/2016 - Following some great feedback, we've tweaked the scoring to provide better results. Thanks to everyone who sent in their thoughts!