Drupalcamp Atlanta: Make your site hot with SVG!

Held at Kennesaw University this October, Drupalcamp Atlanta was the largest camp I’ve attended, but that didn’t stop it from being a well-organized, close-knit camp of A+ Drupalness.

Drupalcamp Atlanta

Besides the cool people attending and sweet sessions presented, I was able to give my own talk on Friday: SVG - How to have fun making your site look hot! If you weren’t there for the fun, you can check out the video here:

The slides and example code are available here.

SVG is a big topic. It’s easy to get started with and see big returns quick, but its scope can go deep due to its breadth and power. Because of this, I structured the presentation to target front end developers of all skill levels: from people who’ve never used SVG, to the ones that employ it in their everyday workflow.

Some SVG topics discussed include:

  • Introduction to SVG
  • SVG symbols
  • How to export an SVG from Adobe Illustrator
  • Displaying your SVG
  • Animating your SVG
  • Applying Photoshop-like filters to your SVG
  • SVG clipping and masks
  • SVG coordinate system
  • Putting it all together – animating and manipulating an SVG navigation icon

Big thanks to the awesome DCATL organizers and volunteers, Acquia for the great after-party at World of Beer and all the other presenters/attendees. I learned a lot, had a blast and hope to see you at DCATL in 2016.