Chromatic's Accidental Band Names

Unsuspectingly, the team has been sharing bands with me for over a year.

With noses to the grindstone, our team and our clients speak and write in vocabularies that, when pulled into an unfamiliar context, are dynamic music groups poised to go platinum.

We’ve all had the fleeting, “great band name” thought. A little over a year ago, so many candidates were crossing my path, that I was compelled to start capturing them in a list. Whether plucked from Slack threads, meeting notes or snatched from the soundwaves of unsuspecting meetings, these are all actual phrases that have been uttered by Chromaticians.

When I notice that it’s a particularly stressful or heavy day for the team, I drop the latest list into Slack to lighten things up.

We could all use a lighter and brighter 2021, so what better time to debut Chromatic’s accidental band names for our friends? Here’s to a rockin’ 2021.

  • Fractal Deep Dive

  • Back on Station

  • The Undesirable Houseguest

  • Front Grille

  • Squash and Merge

  • Jenkins Job

  • Yarn is Running

  • Tracking Down Deltas

  • Dev Sync

  • Three Year Anniversary

  • Unread Channels

  • Sweet Lou

  • Dark Morrison

  • Tugboat Preview

  • Multiple Chevrons

  • Leaner than Kint

  • Second 2001

  • ZURB Orbit

  • Machinery Pete

  • Code Slingers

  • The Happy Path

  • Alfonso & the Stubs

  • Mason Hawks

  • Cloudinary Issues

  • Tagging for Hogs

  • Pork Business

  • I’ll be your Gary Senise

  • Break the Cache

  • Bovet

  • Batch Ripping

  • Lovingly Ladle

  • K8 and I

  • 7 Plus Adam

  • Live Lead Out