2020 Top 10 PR comments

As 2020 wound down, it occurred to us that comments in PR reviews can be universal, if not funny, and sometimes universally funny. Here's a Top 10 (in no particular order) of Chromatic's PR comments from the past year that may sound familiar and may (or may not) tickle the fancy of those of us who build for the web.

  1. "...there are a lot of wins in here. I love to see us deleting so many files."

  2. "The PR has been through the ringer, but since Mark’s away, we just need the 2nd approval."

  3. "@adam Keep in mind, the latest Tugboat build ran like warm butter on toast. It’s good to go."

  4. "Approving pending Tugboat testing."

  5. "Thanks for the eagle eyes. I made another commit to get rid of that wanton "Forward to friend" link."

  6. "With the shared config, I get each new site rocking and rolling and add config files to splits. Clare's yeowoman work here is basically getting config splits used before they were meant to be used."

  7. "The drush command to harmonise the UUIDs is in the module so it behooves each site to have it enabled." Adam responds: "Any PR with behooves in the description is a winner in my book."

  8. "Assuming failure:

    • Revert the commit
    • Re-run deployment with reverted commit
    • Test that failed site works
    • If site still broken, manually import db from backup PROD db step
    • Re-run deployment from Jenkins
    • Scratch head and figure out what went wrong"
  9. "@dependabot rebase"

  10. "This is a trust exercise."