A rock pile at Joshua Tree National Park

Careers at Chromatic

Working Here

Our culture is built around support, transparency, and balance. Since our founding, we’ve prioritized being reasonable and flexible with those who choose to work here. You’ll find a safe and inclusive environment. Our aim is to make this one of your favorite places to work when you look back on your career.

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The Chromatic team poses for a photo atop a rock pile at Joshua Tree National Park.
The team posing for a photo at Joshua Tree National Park, November 2019.

I knew this was a solid company to work with when I realized that the interview process was as much about what Chromatic can do for me as it was about what I could bring to the team. The time I have spent with Chromatic has consistently lived up to that promise.

Benefits You Can Expect

  • PTO
    15 days on start + 5 days sick + major holidays

  • Insurance
    100% cost coverage for employees and 25% for dependents – medical, dental, vision.

  • Sabbatical
    After 7 years, take 4 weeks paid sabbatical + $5,000 USD.

  • 4%
    Retirement contributions – no match required.

  • $600
    Annual donation matching, up to $600, to your favorite 501(c)3 organizations.

  • Profit Sharing
    Annual profit sharing, when able, into your 401k.

  • Retreats
    Annual team retreat for quality time with your colleagues.

    More on our annual retreats
  • Summer Fridays
    Friday afternoons off from Memorial Day to Labor Day

    More on Summer Fridays
A man looking out over the Smoky Mountains from a balcony at sunset.
Larry overlooking the Smoky Mountains during our team retreat in 2019.

If you asked me what it is like to work here, I’d tell you about 'Thanksgiving' dinner at the Chromatic annual retreat. I can picture the long table we set up outside surrounded by unique, talented individuals. The candles were anchored in the tiny award trophies we handed out earlier that day. The dishes were full of amazing homemade food. Glasses were raised in toasts of gratitude followed closely by waves of emotion from both managers and employees. We all celebrated the good work we’d done and were buzzing about new ideas ahead of us. It was quite literally an amazing and lovely moment where I thought to myself, 'Wow. This is all because of a job.'

Märt giving a OneWheel a try on a road in Palm Springs California.
Clare smiling as she presents a lightning "talk" at a team retreat.
Alfonso and Adam sharing a laugh.
Esther presenting a lightning talk about her upbringing.
Larry smiling while at the podium.
The Chromatic team enjoying a card game.

Your Typical Day / What You Can Expect

What's the average day look like working at Chromatic?

  • Remote First
    Work from whenever & wherever is best for you.

  • 1:1 Calls
    Regular check-ins with leadership to provide feedback and support your growth.

  • Peer Review
    We are collaborators. You’re never on your own.

  • Team Calls
    2x weekly check-ins with your team.

    Your Teammates
  • Balance
    Expect reasonable bookings and expectations. Nights/weekends are yours. We don’t deploy on Fridays.

  • Flexibility
    Need a midday nap? Take it. Need to run errands on a Tuesday? Go for it.

The culture of Chromatic moves me to do my best work, to meet new challenges with the support of our phenomenally smart and responsive team. My experience and skills grow with every project, and I deeply appreciate the generous recognition and knowledge sharing that flows freely between us as colleagues as well as with our clients.

Our Current Openings:

Our Hiring Process

We want you to know exactly what you're in for should you apply. Here is a detailed breakdown of our hiring process. Have additional questions before applying? Email us at hr [at] chromatichq.com

What We're Working On

We have a great company and culture, but that doesn't mean we are done. Here are some areas where we are working to improve:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Diversity and inclusion training for the entire staff
    • Actively encouraging and eliciting feedback, suggestions, and ideas for improvement (we’d love to hear from you)
    • Prioritizing posting to job boards that target a diverse audience
    • Encouraging pronoun sharing
    • Reconsidering our paid holidays to encompass more of the population
  • Improving culture, processes, and policies
    • Regular open office hours
    • Project postmortems and Start, Stop, Continue exercises
    • Improved clarity around advancement
  • Benefits and perks
    • Deliberate team connections such as virtual pizza parties and "Taco Tuesdays".

Chromatic is an authentic company. It sounds silly, but it’s the best way to describe the team and the pride I take in how we interact with clients and each other. Considerable effort is put into building and fostering a strong company culture with meaningful relationships despite the challenges of working remotely. Chromatic is made up of the kind of people you want to get a beer with after work.

Our Furry & Fluffy Friends

Rebel wearing a birthday hat and grinning ear to ear.
Rebel on her first birthday.
A Green Cheek Conure perched on a person's leg.
Pixel Arbello showing his best side.
Clare's pup Mochi taking it easy on the couch.
Mochi taking it easy.
Kyril, a pitfall mix, looking handsome into the camera.
Ripley looking as handsome as ever.
Balou, a dog, covered in mud and running straight towards the camera.
Balou enjoying the mud down at the farm.