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How a Repeatable Platform Helped This Comms Agency Cut Costs and Better Serve Clients

Segal Benz is a benefits and HR communications agency that offers clients custom website and portal creation services as part of a suite of communication tactics. When we first partnered with them, they had ample internal design resources but were looking for specialized development support for their clients’ websites.

Finding Web Development Solutions That Balance Scalability & Customization

With their niche focus on employee benefits and HR communications, Segal Benz’s clients share a high degree of commonality in terms of the functionality required on their websites. There is no single “cookie-cutter” site solution that works for all of their clients, though. Some amount of customization is always necessary, often due to their clients’ custom branding requirements. 

The problem that needed solving was eliminating redundancy — when building these sites, areas of commonality were not leveraged. As a result, site builds were missing opportunities to be more efficient and took more time to build. In a sense, each new site build was recreating the wheel.

How Streamlining Website Setup, Coding, and Maintenance Improves Efficiency and Diversifies Website Offerings

In our first few projects with Segal Benz, we took their static website designs and built individual client sites for them. We quickly recognized the number of redundancies from project to project — and the opportunity they represented. We realized that a platform solution focused on repeatability could provide the customization their clients’ websites required, while utilizing a single codebase across all websites to eliminate the need to rebuild common features and functionalities from the ground up with each new project as well as ensuring security along the way.  

With our platform solution, we eliminated the need to start from scratch every time Segal Benz had a client in need of a new site. As our partnership grew, we discovered further areas for improvement. Currently, we have around 10 client websites up and running off of one configuration. This main configuration covers the shared site features, functionality, maintenance requirements, etc. We handle the differences between the sites — their more customized features — in what are called “configuration splits.” 

This means that what used to happen across separate sites and codebases, can now be rolled out to every applicable site at the platform level — without sacrificing the customization their clients require. As a result, we cut site build times and costs dramatically and captured major savings in ongoing maintenance.

A screenshot depicting the PayPal Benefits homepage.
A screenshot depicting a PayPal Benefits landing page.
A screenshot depicting the PayPal Benefits primary navigation.

Platforms Cut Site Build Times While Allowing Agencies to Serve a Wider Client Base

As alluring as reduced site build times and streamlined ongoing maintenance may be, that’s just the beginning of the results we delivered. Segal Benz can also leverage the platform to reach different types of clients with varying resource levels. 

Segal Benz has clients who might not need as much customization, or that might not have the budget for a highly customized design. To meet this need, we leveraged the platform and gave the Segal Benz team a “lighter” product offering for their clients. This approach keeps design efforts low by limiting a standard set of key customizations while still delivering a highly functional site.

And, because of the platform solution, those clients still get the benefits of added features and ongoing maintenance changes made at the platform level. When one client decides they want a new custom feature, every client on the platform can benefit from it.


Chromatic has been an outstanding partner for us over the years. They truly are an extension of our team. Not only do they produce outstanding work, they work with us to help us solve our clients’ unique challenges.

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