Drupal 8

Visualizing Drupal's Configuration Management Process

The missing illustrated manual to the Drupal configuration system and the processes around it.

Is a Decoupled Website Structure Right for Your Client’s Needs? The Answer Is Complicated.

A decoupled website architecture gives your clients access to a high-performance machine to serve their business. But will that machine wind up being more trouble than it's worth? Learn the deciding factors that play a big role in securing an organization’s digital future.

Managing Drupal Configuration with Automated Checks

Managing Drupal configuration and keeping it in sync requires attention to detail and process. Automation can add to the problem, but also solve it.

10 Website Speed Optimization Tactics for Drupal 8 & 9

Many of the common website speed problems in Drupal 7 are now a distant memory with Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. Features like Drupal’s built-in Dynamic Page Cache help bring great performance benefits to the two most recent versions. This article will highlight other tactics to assist with getting the best performance out of your Drupal site.

Patching info files with Composer

Understanding Composer's preferred install settings can be essential when applying module info file patches.

Script Management with Composer

Composer already manages our PHP dependencies, so why not let it manage our utility scripts too?

Don't break your cache, use BigPipe instead.

Serving dynamic content, while maintaining the cacheability of a Drupal 8 site, used to be a tedious task. Drupal 8 did introduce a Lazy Builder way back when, but using it requires a fair amount of coding. Instead, we’ll take advantage of the BigPipe module which was included as a stable module since Drupal 8.3.

Drupal 8 Deployment Scripts

Deploying the latest changes to your site can take many forms. Understanding the steps involved and why each one matters will help prevent deployment surprises.