Chromatic has been a leader in the Drupal space since our founding in 2007. Each year, numerous Chromaticians are invited to present at DrupalCon, the industry’s primary global event. We are also regular contributors to the Drupal project and regularly write and present on best practices.

While we’re regularly called upon by clients for Drupal development needs, we’re also frequently enlisted to help partners level up their own internal teams. We work alongside them to share our knowledge not only of Drupal, but best practices in tooling, workflows, and DevOps.

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How to Use a Website Migration as an Opportunity to Maintain & Tune Up SEO Performance

Migration can be an opportunity to improve website SEO performance, editorial experience for your team, and user experience on the front end. Learn how.

Is a Decoupled Website Structure Right for Your Client’s Needs? The Answer Is Complicated.

A decoupled website architecture gives your clients access to a high-performance machine to serve their business. But will that machine wind up being more trouble than it's worth? Learn the deciding factors that play a big role in securing an organization’s digital future.

Website Migration Guide: Nail the Strategy, Avoid Roadblocks, and Enjoy Long-Term Benefits

Learn how to develop a website migration strategy to overcome common replatforming challenges and reap the benefits of improved site performance.

Introducing the Template Diff Module

Comparing Drupal template overrides with their counterparts in the base theme doesn’t have to be hard.

Managing Drupal Configuration with Automated Checks

Managing Drupal configuration and keeping it in sync requires attention to detail and process. Automation can add to the problem, but also solve it.

Chromatic at DrupalCon Global 2020

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Announce Your Organization’s Drupal.org Statistics In Slack

A new, open source way to see your organization's rank in the Drupal.org Marketplace.

DrupalCon 2019 Seattle Recap

Another DrupalCon is in the books and our team had a fantastic time gathering with so many members of the worldwide Drupal community in Seattle. Getting together in person with a large portion of our team is always a treat, but it makes it all the sweeter when our team has the chance to share their expertise by presenting at DrupalCon.

Getting Ready for the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend

This coming weekend is the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend where small local contribution groups volunteer their Drupal development at the same time throughout the world. This year there are local groups gathering in Canada, England, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, and the United States.