A Guide for Avoiding Website and App Deployment Problems

Having a clear process is the key to avoiding website downtime and buggy application launches. Read this guide to website and app deployment best practices.

Managing Drupal Configuration with Automated Checks

Managing Drupal configuration and keeping it in sync requires attention to detail and process. Automation can add to the problem, but also solve it.

Drupal 8 Deployment Scripts

Deploying the latest changes to your site can take many forms. Understanding the steps involved and why each one matters will help prevent deployment surprises.

Untangling Ansible Loops

How to understand and use some of Ansible's strange looping techniques.

Chromatic Site Launch Guide

At Chromatic, we wanted to produce a repeatable site launch process that we could share not only amongst ourselves, but also with the community.

Automated Servers and Deployments with Ansible & Jenkins

In a previous post, Dave talked about marginal gains and how, in aggregate, they can really add up. We recently made some infrastructure improvements that I first thought would be marginal, but quickly proved to be rather significant.