A Guide for Avoiding Website and App Deployment Problems

Having a clear process is the key to avoiding website downtime and buggy application launches. Read this guide to website and app deployment best practices.

Leverage Repeatability to Build and Maintain Websites Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Your agency can leverage repeatability to make website development efficient and profitable while allowing time for innovative custom features. Learn how.

Docker on MacOS? Not so fast.

This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of using Docker and Lando for local development on MacOS machines in comparison to a native LAMP stack set-up. It raises questions, looks into common development scenarios and needs, and provides a personal recommendation for a sustainable and speedy solution.

Listening Is The Action Item

Oftentimes we hear people’s problems and want to do something to fix it and relieve that person of their burden. However, I have had to learn that sometimes all a person needs is to talk an issue out.

5 Things Learned While Getting My Degree (While Working Full-Time)

Enough people have asked me how I went to school full-time while working full-time, that I thought I’d write up a few of my lessons learned.

Human Connections in a Distributed World

Human connections in a distributed world prove more important than ever. Here's how Chromatic bridges the gap.

Zoom Etiquette – Tips & Tricks

New to remote working? Here are some tips to make your Zoom calls the best they can be.

The Hidden Costs of Building a Website

There is more to the total cost than the initial price.

How to Delight Clients in a Digital Project Manager Role

When I first started working at a digital marketing agency and wanted to refine my project management skills, I found marginally helpful articles that outlined the basics of technical project management; certifications in Agile, Waterfall, Scrum and/or PMP all seemed necessary for success in that role.

7 Tips for Working Remotely without High-Speed Internet

As a long-time remote employee, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t disrupted my daily life as it has for many others. Several years ago I moved from the city to a rural community with no access to high-speed internet. I needed to adapt quickly to my new reality and find a reasonable solution for my work and family needs.